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win out/through 解釋

win out/through 在 Chinese <=> English(21) 中的 解釋:

be victorous or successful after hard work or difficulty;win or succeed in the end經過艱苦努力和克服了困難而取得成功;勝利;成功
*Although it was a difficult problem,in the end he won out.雖然這個問題很棘手,最後他還是把它解決了。
*Correct ideas will certainly win out against erroneous ones.正確的意見必將戰勝錯誤的意見。
*I know whatever you do you're sure to win through in spite of early difficulties.我知道,不管你做什麼,你最終總會成功的,盡管最初有許多困難。