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1.separate from分手
*He parted with us at the end of the trip.旅行結束時他與我們分手了。
*I parted with my friend on the pier yesterday.我昨天在碼頭上和我的朋友告別。
2.spend;sell( a very low price)花掉;賣掉
*He's not the sort who's happy to part with hardearned cash.他不是那種舍得把辛辛苦苦賺來的錢隨便花掉的人。
*In order to raise money Cathy had to part with some of her jewels.為了籌款,凱茜只好賣掉自己的一些珠寶。
3.give up; dispense with放棄;省掉
*They were sorry to part with the old house.他們對讓出舊房子感到很惋惜。
4.cease to employ辭退
*I parted with him for dishonesty.因他不老實我把他辭退了。
*He had to part with his secretary when she got married.他的秘書結婚了,他只好讓她走。

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跟...分手, 放棄, 喪失, 賣掉, 辭退

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