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1.enclose with a fence用柵欄圍起來
*He fenced in his land.他在自己的土地週圍圍起了柵欄。
*We have fenced the garden in.我們已將花園用柵欄圍起來了。
2.keep sb.from doing what he or she would like to do(usu.used in the passive)限制或約束某人的自由(通常用被動語態)
*Mary felt fenced in because her father would not let her drive a car or have dates with boys.瑪麗感到很不自由,因為她父親阻止她開車或與男朋友約會。
*I feel fenced in by all these restrictions.我覺得受限制太多了。
*He felt fenced in by his ninetofive daily routine.他感到早上9點到下午5點的例行公事,對他來說是一種約束。

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