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at large 在 Chinese <=> English(21) 中的 解釋:; not confined; at liberty自由地;未被捕;逍遙法外
*The criminal is still at large.那個罪犯依然逍遙法外。
*It is disturbing to think that a dangerous wild animal is still at large in the quiet countryside.在寧靜的鄉村裡有一只危險的野獸依然肆意逍遙,想起來未免令人忐忑不安。 a whole;altogether普遍的;一般的;整體的
*The country at large is hoping for political and economic reforms.全國人民普遍希望進行政治和經濟改革。
*He was elected congressman at large.他被全體選民選為議員。
*All peoples at large are for peace.各國民眾全都贊成和平。
3.fully; completely詳盡地
*Please explain the passage at large.請詳細地講解這篇短文。
*There is no time to discuss the subject at large at this meeting.這次會上,我們沒有時間充分討論這個問題。

at large 在 English => Chinese (langdao) 中的 解釋:

未被捕, 詳盡, 普遍
【法】 未被捕的, 逍遙法外的, 詳盡的

at large 在 English => Chinese 中的 解釋:

未被捕, 詳盡, 普遍

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