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1. be responsible for;take the responsibility for對…負責
*You must answer for any missing articles after the party.你必須對聚會後遺失的任何物品負責。
*Parents should answer for their children's behaviour.父母應對自己孩子的行為負責。
2.guarantee 保證;擔保
*I can answer for his honesty.我可以保證他是誠實的。
*I will answer for the truth of his statements.我擔保他說的話是真實的。 punished or blamed for因…而受罰;因…而受責備
*He will have to answer for his crimes.他必須因他的罪行而受到懲罰。
*Someday you will answer for your foolish behaviour.總有一天你將因你的愚蠢行為而受到懲罰。
4.serve for起…作用
*That night the table answered for a bed for me.那天晚上那張桌子成了我的床。
5.speak for代表…講話
*Stop answering for John,let him speak.不要替約翰說,讓他自己講。
*I can't answer for the other members of the committee.我不能代表其他委員的意見。

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負責, 保證, 符合

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