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adhere to 在 Chinese <=> English(21) 中的 解釋:

1.stick to粘住
*Wet clothes adhere to the skin.濕衣服會貼在身上。
2.follow steadily; be faithful to 堅持;忠實于
*They adhered to the original plan of climbing the mountain in spite of the bad weather.盡管天氣惡劣,他們還是堅持原先的登山計劃。
*The mass line must be adhered to.一定要堅持走群眾路線。
*He resolutely adhered to what he had said at the meeting; he had not changed his mind anyway.他堅持他在會上說過的話,一點也沒改變主意。

adhere to 在 English => Chinese 中的 解釋:

粘附, 粘著, 堅持, 追隨, 擁護

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