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accumulate 解釋

accumulate 在 Chinese <=> English(21) 中的 解釋:
[ә`kjumjәˏlєt; әˋkju:mjulєit]
(長期地) 積聚,累積,堆積; 積蓄
~ funds for
~ a large amount of river mud for fertilizer
He ~d a fortune by hard work.
True poetry ~s meaning every time it is read.
積聚,累積,堆積; 儲蓄,攢錢
Public evils ~.
Snow ~d to a depth of 10 feet.
雪已積到十?丈?nDust soon ~s if we don't sweep our rooms.

accumulate 在 English <=> Chinese (cdict5) 中的 解釋:

(略)absolute (temperature) ; Academician; Academy; Airplane; America (n) ; April; Army; Artillerya.
(略)about; acre (s) ; act (ing) ; adjective; age (d) ; alto; ampere; answer; are; assist (s) ‘棒球’助殺; atA. and M.
Ancient and Modern
(hymn book)A. and R. man
Artists and Repertory manA. and S.H.
(英)Argyll and Sutherland HighlandersA. Tech.
Associate in TechnologyA.-E. Sud.
Anglo-Egyptian SudanA.-Fr.
(略)Anglo-FrenchA.A. of A.
Automobile Association of AmericaA.A.A.S.
American Association for the Advancement of Science美國科學促進會A.A.P.S.S.
American Academy of Politica

accumulate 在 English => Chinese (langdao) 中的 解釋:

vt. 積聚, 堆積
vi. 積聚, 堆積
【經】 累積, 累計

accumulate 在 English => Chinese 中的 解釋:

積聚, 堆積

accumulate 在 English => Chinese (XDICT) 中的 解釋:

әˊkjuːmjuleitvt. 積累,積聚
vi. 積累,堆積