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1.explain;give a reason for解釋;說明…的原因
*How do you account for the accident?你如何解釋這次事故的原因?
*We asked him to account for his conduct.我們要他對自己的行為加以解釋。
2.give a statement to show how money or goods have been dealt with說明(錢等的)用途
*You have to account for losing such a large sum of money.丟了這麼一大筆錢,你務必解釋清楚。
*We must account for every cent we spent.我們花掉的每一分錢,都要有個交代。 responsible for負責The librarian has to account for each book in his charge.圖書管理員應對所管的每一本書負責。
*You will have to account for the misprints in the article.你必須對文章中的印刷錯誤負責。
*It will take him 20 years in prison to account for such a terrible crime.他犯有嚴重罪行,將在監獄中監禁20年。
4.occupy;amount to(數量)佔;共計達
*In that country,the production of raw materials accounts for a considerable proportion of the national economy.在那個國家,原材料生產在國民經濟中佔相當大的比重。
*League members account for the majority of the students in the class.團員佔這個班學生的大多數。

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【經】 解釋

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說明, 佔, 解決, 得分

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