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hard-copy 在 English => Chinese (XDICT) 中的 解釋:

n. 硬拷貝


hard  hard (carbon) black  hard (china) clay  hard aboard  hard acid  hard adder  hard aggregate  hard alloy  hard alloy powder  hard alloy steel  hard and fast  hard and fast rule  hard and sharp  hard and soft acid and base  hard anodic oxidation coating  hard anodizing  hard arbitrage  hard arc  hard area  hard as nails  hard as the nether mill stone  hard ash coal  hard at it  hard axis  hard bargain  hard bark  hard base  hard bast  hard beach  hard biscuit  hard bitten  hard board  hard boiled  hard boiling room  hard borosilicate glass  hard braking  hard brass  hard brazing  hard breakdown  hard brittle material  hard bronze  hard bubble  hard bubble suppression  hard burned  hard burned mangesia  hard butter coating  hard by  hard cancer  hard candy  hard carbide  hard carbide industry  hard case  hard cases  hard cash  hard casting  hard cataract  hard center felt wheel  hard chalk  hard chancre  hard chapter